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University of Hormozgan (UH) is a public institution which is considered as the most comprehensive University in the Hormozgan province. It was established in 1991. It is now a hub of various academic activities with over 200 faculty members in various fields of studies in Marine science and Technology, Engineering, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Humanities, Management and Accounting.

Currently, the main research interest of the university is related to various aspects of Sea-based Economy.

Present Status

UH acts as one of the main and leading public universities in the south of Iran, with over 6000 male and female students studying in over 40 Bachelor programs (B.A., B.Sc.), 71 Master programs (M.A., M.Sc.) and 32 Ph.D. programs. The distribution of students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs is as follow: 76% in Bachelor programs, 19% in Master programs and 5% in Ph.D programs. UH presently has more than 220 full-time Faculty members, with over 198 of its academia as Assistant, Associate, or Full professors.


Organizational and operational structure of the University of Hormozgan includes five deputies: Research and Technology deputy, Planning and Development deputy, Undergraduate and Postgraduate educational deputy,  Social, and Cultural deputy, and Student deputy.
University of Hormozgan currently has six faculties:

The university has one associated branch, namely Minab Higher Education College, as well as two research institutes, namely Hormoz Research and Studies Center and Regional Mangrove Forests Research Center.

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